Dayton Moore is Frank Wren lite

Frank Wren is going to lose his job because of a lousy personality, although he should be losing it for his crappy investments. Somehow, Dayton Moore has kept his job despite signing Gil Meche and Jose Guillen to contracts totaling 8 years and $91 million. He also signed Jeff Francoeur to a 2-year, $13.5 million […]

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All eyes on Terry McGuirk

The Braves’ CEO, a corporate lackey right out of central casting, is about to make the biggest decision of his tenure. No question he should fire Frank Wren, the architect of this anemic offense who has drafted poorly, hired unwisely and spent foolishly. I know most would rather see Fredi go, but who’s more responsible […]

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Why Frank Wren must go

*One run in three games merits a repost.  There was a lot of blowback when CD gave FW a C- for his tenure as the Braves GM. If you’re one of those who think Wren hung the moon, I’d advise you to stop reading now. It’s obvious this team needs a major fix, thanks to […]

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FW enters his walk year

Fredi is not the only member of the Braves’ hierarchy working on the final year of his contract. FW’s contract also expires after this season, though I suspect he’s a safe bet to be extended — unlike many among the team’s young core. But should he be? It’s difficult to judge. Under Wren’s leadership, the […]

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