The week in #Braves stupidity

I guess the Braves way means making sacrificial lambs out of respected coaches and fan favorites. Here's hoping TP and Eddie hook on with a real franchise, not the rudderless mall anchor the Braves have become. Does anyone think TP wouldn't have been a better manager than Fredi or Snitker? Hey, Mike Maddux, widely regarded... Continue Reading →


Maybe it’s best if Hart stays

The narrative, which rings true, though may not be, holds that Royals GM Dayton Moore would come to the Braves if guaranteed total control over the franchise. That can't happen as long as John Hart remains president of baseball operations. Hart plans on staying, unless longtime friend John Schuerholz is able to force him out,... Continue Reading →

Plenty of blame to spread around for Braves dysfunction

Someone hired Frank Wren. Someone else mentored and promoted Coppy. One drove the farm system into the ground. The other skirted the rules. Both were assholes. To quote obnoxious college football fans after their team loses, "Where's the accountability?" Answer: There is none. The team's owners look at the Braves like a mall developer looks... Continue Reading →

One great trade won’t redeem embattled #Braves hierarchy

One great trade, and there's no debating Coppy pulled off a beaut yesterday, does not repair the strained relationship between the front office and a fan base tired of hearing one thing and seeing another. And what happens when his trading partner isn't Dave Stewart? But it goes beyond questionable trades and even more questionable... Continue Reading →

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