The case against Frank Wren, cont’d

Mike Trout was drafted with the compensation pick received when the Angels didn’t resign Mark Teixeira. That pick would’ve belonged to the Braves had they not dealt Tex to the O.C. for Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek.

A lot of teams passed on Trout, and there’s no guarantee the Braves would’ve picked him. But odds are they would’ve selected one of the other first-rounders who followed Trout, a group that includes AL Cy Young contender Garrett Richards (helluva draft by the Angels), Rex Brothers (a tough lefty out of the ‘pen — wouldn’t that be nice), Tyler Skaggs (traded to the Angels; pitching competently as a rookie starter) and Chris Owings (.771 OPS as a rookie SS, not for the Angels). They also could’ve taken second-rounders Billy Hamilton, Nolan Arenado, Jason Kipnis and Patrick Corbin (drafted by the Angels).

Instead, the Braves got Oberkfell 2.0 and a 26-year-old middle reliever who never pitched in the majors.



2 thoughts on “The case against Frank Wren, cont’d

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  1. I am as skeptical of Wren’s decision-making ability as anyone in that area of the campground, but I’m not going to put this totally on Frank. I think the pattern of not offering arbitration started late in the Schuerholz’ regime and this was a holdover from that way of thinking. It’s probably not directly pertinent to this discussion, but Schuerholz didn’t offer Sheffield arbitration even when it was clear he was heading to NY.

  2. The entire Tex situation was a mess start to finish. That said there were a lot of other GMs that passed on trout too. In fact wasn’t it Tony Reagins who drafted trout? He who traded for Vernon Wells? Trout is the best player in the game right now but it’s not like it was amazing scouting and front office work that lead to him going to anaheim with a comp pick. I’d say it was more dumb luck than anything. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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