If only #Braves had a managerial opening …

Two weeks after the Braves re-commit to Fredi Haas, the manager considered by many to be the best in baseball suddenly becomes available.

Even if Fredi had been let go, you have to wonder if the Braves would’ve gone after Joe Maddon. He’s not a graduate of Braves U., after all.

Maddon is likely to end up with the Cubs. The Dodgers, meanwhile, lured Andrew Friedman from Tampa to be their GM while the Braves focused their search on a retiree who hasn’t run a ballclub since 2005.

Imagine entering 2015 with Freidman and Maddon at the helm. Too bad the Braves showed no such imagination.






4 thoughts on “If only #Braves had a managerial opening …

  1. Is there a manager that gets more out of his players than Joe Maddon? He’s a difference maker for any club lucky enough to land him.d

  2. This club will continue to float around mediocrity until the ownership changes which would hopefully bring about full scale change from McGurik all the way down to Fredi.

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