Dayton Moore is Frank Wren lite

Frank Wren is going to lose his job because of a lousy personality, although he should be losing it for his crappy investments.

Somehow, Dayton Moore has kept his job despite signing Gil Meche and Jose Guillen to contracts totaling 8 years and $91 million. He also signed Jeff Francoeur to a 2-year, $13.5 million deal. Bad moves, though none as costly as B.J. or Uggla.

He received criticism for his big trades but actually did fairly well getting Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain and Jake Odorizzi from the Brewers for Zack Greinke, then flipping Odorizzi and Wil Myers to Tampa for James Shields and Wade Davis. Shields, a free agent, will be pitching elsewhere next season, but the trade made the Royals legitimate, and Myers slumped badly this year.

Dayton has drafted fairly well and made some shrewd under-the-radar moves, acquiring Coco Crisp and Ervin Santana for a song and snapping up closer Joakim Soria in the Rule 5 draft.

But he also hired Trey Hillman and, worse, Ned Yost.

The Braves can do better.





2 thoughts on “Dayton Moore is Frank Wren lite

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  1. Wren’s out! `look for the Cobb Braves absentee owners to dump McQuirky & Shure-as-shit-holtz as it becomes more and more apparent how badly they’ve screwed the pooch in Atlanta

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