If Rowland was #Braves GM

Some ideas on what the Braves should do this offseason, in order of priority. Dump Fat Gimp. I suspect a team like the Royals would take him if the Braves paid most of his salary. If not, release the guy. I'd rather pay him not to be on the team than put up with another... Continue Reading →


What if #Braves had completed monster deal w/ Yanks?

Heyward/simmons/carpenter/bj upton/c Johnson for severino/judge/banuelos/clarkin/sanchez said floated. Nyy didnt pull trigger — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) March 8, 2016 So where would the Braves be had the Yankees agreed to this deal? (Asking Brian Cashman to take Melvin AND Chris Johnson was a bit ambitious.) They wouldn't have Dansby or Ender, but they would have the... Continue Reading →

#Braves should take advantage of Cardinal mistake

The Cardinals, surprisingly, have re-signed 34-year-old Yadier Molina through 2020. That leaves no path to the majors for Carson Kelly, 22, widely considered the best catching prospect in baseball. Here's how MLB.com described Kelly, drafted as a third baseman: With a tireless work ethic, Kelly has turned himself into a premium defender behind the plate,... Continue Reading →

How to make the #Braves competitive in 2017: Fixing the rotation

Coppy has said he's looking to add two starters, which is a good thing since Tyrell Jenkins, John Gant and especially Williams Perez belong nowhere near a major league rotation. But the Braves GM should completely forego the free agent route, where the best candidates are Ivan Nova, Clay Buchholz and Jaime Garcia (if the Cards... Continue Reading →

#Braves front office, Rowland thinking alike

Column one features moves we proposed on July 17, two weeks before the trading deadline. Julio Teheran for Yasiel Puig/Braves reportedly offered Julio for another RH-hitting Cuban RF, Jorge Soler Cameron Maybin for Giants C Andrew Susac/We learned today Braves offered Maybin for another young catching prospect ...  Jose Peraza to the Yankees for catching... Continue Reading →

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