One great trade won’t redeem embattled #Braves hierarchy

One great trade, and there’s no debating Coppy pulled off a beaut yesterday, does not repair the strained relationship between the front office and a fan base tired of hearing one thing and seeing another.

And what happens when his trading partner isn’t Dave Stewart?

But it goes beyond questionable trades and even more questionable explanations for said trades

CD touched on much of this in a recent comment:

Derek Schiller, it’s good to know that AAA baseball in Cobb County is going to be a huge boost for the entire Atlanta region! Never mind that economic research overwhelmingly shows that pro sports do little to boost local economies. People would spend their money elsewhere if teams moved. …

But, hey, let’s all flock to the yard next year to celebrate the final year of historic Turner Field before we head up the Connector to meet our pal, the shameless disgrace of a yayhoo politico Tim Lee. JS thinks attendance will rise next year because of nostalgia for Turner Field. He’s either blatantly lying or utterly clueless about his own fan base.

He left out the biggest whopper of them all, from VP of Operations Mike Plant.

“I make it a point of letting people know it takes me about five more minutes to get to the site in Cobb than to get to Turner Field from south Atlanta.” 

According to Google maps, that’s a 14.5 mile drive, so even without traffic — after midnight, if you’re lucky — it’s, at best, a 10-minute commute.

During rush hour it’s closer to 45 minutes — assuming there’s no accidents, which there often are. Plant also encourages people to ride their bike to the Mallpark, a good idea for those with a death wish.

Winning will solve a lot, and yesterday’s trade makes me more optimistic that maybe they’ll contend in a few years.

In the meantime, Liberty Media and their shameless shills threaten to market the Braves into irrelevance.


4 thoughts on “One great trade won’t redeem embattled #Braves hierarchy

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  1. you can’t get to the new ballpark in 5 minutes from my house, and i live in smynings.

  2. It’s not exactly tourist friendly either. I’m not too enthusiastic about travelling to Cobb County. Might settle for watching Braves road games from now on.

  3. Well, it looks like the Braves picked up a pretty good catching prospect in Ricardo Rodriguez in exchange for the bad-glove, bad-bat, bad-attitude Bethancourt. But in free agency this off-season, they have still acquired arguably the worst available starting pitcheer (Bud Norris), the worst available relief pitcher (Jim Johnson) and the worst available utility player (Emilio Bonifacio). Ouch.

    As for the Braves’ stadia, the spousal unit and I will probably travel to Atlanta to see a game at the Ted while we still can. And although I imagine we’ll eventually see a game at the mallpark, we’re not going to be in any rush to do so. So maybe pedestrian access will have been established by then.

  4. At least the Johns were able to acquire another pitching recovering/recovered from Tommy John Surgery! How many are there now? I count Banuelos, Fried, Winkler, Paco Rodriguez, Withrow and now Kelly.

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