The week in #Braves stupidity

I guess the Braves way means making sacrificial lambs out of respected coaches and fan favorites. Here’s hoping TP and Eddie hook on with a real franchise, not the rudderless mall anchor the Braves have become.

Does anyone think TP wouldn’t have been a better manager than Fredi or Snitker?

Hey, Mike Maddux, widely regarded as one of the premier pitching coaches in the majors, is suddenly available. Never mind. The Braves are sticking with Chuck Hernandez.

But never fear. A New York investment firm has come to the Braves rescue. I’m sure they’ll be engaged owners.

New York investment firm buying growing stake in Braves

Gamco Investors Inc., which is controlled by billionaire Mario Gabelli, now owns almost 3 million shares of Liberty Braves Group.

Equal parts stupidity and classless — that’s the Braves brainstrust, circa 2017.




5 thoughts on “The week in #Braves stupidity

  1. How in the bloody hell can anybody justify bringing back Chuck Hernandez? Julio Tehéran went from a front-line starting pitcher to a guy with an ERA approaching 5.00. Young pitchers like Sean Newcomb and Mike Foltynewicz look no better now than they appeared a year ago. The bullpen was awful. So they fire Terry Pendleton? I’ve been a Braves fan since the team was in Milwaukee, and I’ve never felt more disinterested in them.

  2. I’m right with you, Tokyokie.

    John Hart was the one who gave the multi-year contract to Chris Johnson, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. This is really appalling, especially with all of JS’s incessant pissing in everybody’s ear about The Braves Way.

  4. The Braves Way seems to be to get the public to pay for Liberty Mutual’s property acquisitions while using a baseball team as a front.

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