Open Thread, 4/13, #Braves vs. a nest of vipers

Snakebit? More like devoured by a nest of vipers.

Actually, most of what has befallen our hometown nine isn’t really bad luck. It’s either by design–assembling a landfill of a roster in the name of rebuilding–bad managing, bad execution, bad drafting, bad free agent signings or, in the case of Olivera, just plain revolting human behavior.

CB contends that Olivera’s arrest for allegedly beating up a woman, combined with his hitting .245 with little power and a sub-.300 OBP as a Brave, officially makes the trade a bust. It’s hard to argue otherwise. Whatever becomes of Wood and Peraza is beside the point now. The Braves must pay an alleged woman beater who is suspended indefinitely by MLB $36.5 million for this season and the next four. They can release him, but they’d still have to pay him.

It’s nearly impossible to see how the Olivera experiment ends well. At least maybe Smith will stay with the big club for a while. But, alas, the road to respectability will be long, winding and really bumpy.

Meanwhile, Daniel Castro joined the club in DC to take Olivera’s roster spot. He isn’t starting tonight. The lineup against Tanner Roark (the JD Drew of pitchers is sick and won’t go tonight): Mallex, Markakis, Freddie, Garcia, KJ, Pierzynski, Aybar, Peterson, Wisler.



11 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4/13, #Braves vs. a nest of vipers

  1. Kornheiser (who I am not a big fan of but who can get off the occasional bullseye jab) calls Strasburg The Orchid, because he can be really great…if the temperature and every other condition is just right.

    A little levity on a really, really shit day. I’ve always taken pride in the fact that our team has a tradition of having high character guys, going back to the days of The Hammer. That seems to mean proverbial jackshit to the current regime.

  2. It’s hard to have high character guys when your GM doesn’t have any character himself.

  3. Roadrunner, I don’t mean to challenge your opinion of Coppy. I don’t have much of an opinion of him as a person one way or another. I’m genuinely curious: why do you think he has no character?

  4. He’s lied to the public on numerous occasions about player moves. He whined about receiving criticism. He’s a weasel.

  5. Not even 2 weeks into the season, and the Braves are already 6 1/2 games out of first. We’re planning a trip to see a game at the Ted in September before it’s abandoned. Don’t think getting good seats will be a problem.

  6. On the bright side, Olivera’s arrest might give the team cause to negate his contract. Which would mean all they got for Wood and Peraza was a couple of sore-armed minor-league pitchers. Which, I guess, is not quite as bad as trading them for a couple of sore-armed minor-league pitchers and a jailbird the team has to pay $30M.

  7. I’m no expert in MLB contracts but I’ve always understood that contracts are guaranteed, unless he were to be suspended without pay by the league, but I can’t imagine that would be for more than 30 days. The only scenario would be if he missed games due to jail time, I’m not sure how that is handled

  8. I recall a couple of years ago the Yankees were considering trying to negate the last couple of years of A-Knob’s contract, but while he was sitting out a year, they decided against pressing the matter. Did they decide not to proceed because of the unlikelihood of succeeding or because of the possible negative feedback? I don’t know. (Although in Olivera’s case, he’s accused of criminal conduct, and in A-Knob’s, he was merely cheating under MLB rules.) But apparently there is some sort of boilerplate morality clause in MLB contracts, and invoking it against Olivera would not attract the same sort of attention as the Yankees doing so with A-Knob would have.

  9. Ironic that 25 yrs after playing in one of the greatest WS ever both the Braves and the Twins are now the two worst teams in MLB.

  10. The woman had visible bruising according to what I read, but if the bruises were grip marks, then Olivera may have been trying to keep the woman from hitting him. He may be the victim. It happens often, and is one reason the women are not eager to come to court.

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