Connecting the dots on #Braves and Tebow

Why would the Braves waste any time on a 29-year-old rookie who hasn’t played baseball since high school? Especially when you consider how well the last 30-year-old rookie experiment went down. Tim Tebow won’t embarrass the Braves off the field, like Hector Olivera, but signing him would be an embarrassment on it and signal a rise to power of Derek Schiller, one of the team’s two presidents recently promoted to replace John Schuerholz.

Schiller, who previously reported to Schuerholz, now reports directly to Braves CEO Terry McGuirk. As president of business, Schiller leads ticket and corporate sponsorship sales, marketing, branding and the team’s broadcasting partnerships. In other words, the only areas where the idea of Tebow in a Braves uniform makes any sense.

Schiller has been in charge of those same things since 2003. His record has been pretty dismal, and if signing Tebow is reflective of his kind of thinking, his promotion is a bad sign.


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