#Braves need to cut losses, not add to them

No one is unhappy to see Hector Olivera go. But trading him for a 32-year-old corner outfielder with an arthritic hip and declining numbers creates new problems, ones that could’ve been avoided if the Braves had simply cut Olivera.

It’s what they should’ve done with Melvin Upton. Instead, by pairing him with Kimbrel, the Braves lost an opportunity to maximize their former closer’s value, acquiring Matt Wisler and a draft pick that became Austin Riley.

The Yankees received a Top 20 prospect, and more, for Chapman. The Phils snagged Vincent Velasquez and former overall No. 1 pick Mark Appel for Ken Giles.

Now we’re stuck with Matt Kemp, who is basically Chris Johnson with more power and a much higher price tag. Worse, he limits the team’s flexibility as they try to reboot the offense. It’s easier to find an outfielder who can hit than a third baseman or catcher. But that’s what the Braves will have to do.

You don’t rectify a mistake by repeating it. But that’s what Coppy has done with the trade for Kemp. And now there’s talks about Brian McCann coming back to Atlanta? According to Jon Heyman, they value his leadership. McCann is batting .233 with a .733 OPS as a Yankee.

If that trade happens forget about the rebuild. It’ll be a flop.


4 thoughts on “#Braves need to cut losses, not add to them

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  1. Matt Kemp is now the highest paid Atlanta Brave at an astonishing $18 Million per year. Just let the reality of that sentence sink in for a few seconds. It doesn’t get any more surreal than that.

    Coppy crapped out on the Olivera bet to the tune of some $28.5 Million. Now he’s determined to get that back by doubling down on the Kemp bet for a 3 and 1/2 year total just north of $60 Million. This is why addicted gamblers lose everything, including their plane ticket home, before they are eventually ushered out of the casino.

    And now the man who used to eat his dinner out of garbage cans now shows us how it’s done while running an MLB team. There has to be a half-eaten Big Mac in one of these many acquisitions, right? For the $60 Million price tag, it’s highly probable that Coppy discovers one day all he got in return was a giant gold turd. A golden Kemp turd to put in his display case next to all the other turds that now call themselves Atlanta Braves players.

    Some day soon Coppy will have a giant turd sale. It remains to be seen if anyone will even care….

  2. I saw the McCann rumor as well; that move would have to be solely to try and fill seats next year. I can’t imagine that we’ll be too much better than we are this year so mgmt must be looking for ways to cover there asses.

    Regarding the Kemp deal…truly a head-scratcher. As you said they should have just cut Oliveira. Not sure what Kemp will be able to contribute in the coming years; my guess is he’ll be another Garrett Anderson.

  3. I was happy to see the team get out from under the horrible Olivera contract. But doing so by acquiring a more onerous one is daft. I guess they inquired, and Prince Fielder wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause.

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