Re-examining the rebuild: #Braves whiffed on Kimbrel trade

Like every other Braves fan, I was thrilled when John Hart unloaded Melvin Jr. in the Craig Kimbrel deal with the Padres. But in retrospect I’d much rather have the prospects San Diego received than the salary relief gained by the Braves, especially since the savings mostly ended up in Liberty Media’s pockets.

Yes, the Braves did get Matt Wisler but he’s probably never going to be more than a solid third starter.

Consider what the Pads got for Kimbrel this winter: Four prospects, including CF Manuel Margot, ranked among the Top 50 prospects in baseball, and SS Javy Guerra, a top-notch defender who hit 15 HR last year in Double-A ball.

Another closer traded in the offseason, Ken Giles, netted the Phils a significant haul, highlighted by Vincent Velasquez, who struck out 16 and walked none in 9 shoutout innings today against the Pads.



3 thoughts on “Re-examining the rebuild: #Braves whiffed on Kimbrel trade

  1. I’m amazed that *anyone* can be enthusiastic about sorry excuse for a franchise. Isn’t it clear that Braves’ real-estate-centric management could care less?

  2. It’s times like these when Skip Caray’s insight would have at least brought some humor to the situation the Braves are now in.

    I really wonder if we’ll be able to win a game in April…

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