Stubbornness breeds stupidity and #Braves are paying for it

B.J. Upton is like Zaxby’s: Indescribably bad. And he’s getting worse. The highest-paid Brave is batting .171 in June with a .218 OBP. Luis Gomez, the notoriously light-hitting SS from the early 80s, had a .249 OBP for the Braves. Glavine (.244) and Smoltzie (.226) had higher OBP’s than B.J. has this month.

Yet Fredi keeps hitting him second, a move that can’t be defended, especially when his brother is hitting 6th. And if you’re determined to break up the string of left-handed hitters atop the order, why use a guy batting .152 vs. southpaws? It’s stupid, and it’s hurting the team. So why does Fredi keep doing it? I’d love to hear an answer.

I’d also love an explanation for keeping Uggla on the roster. The Oafbatross has TWO hits since May 1. Two. Sure, he hasn’t played that much, which is precisely the point. He’s of no use, so why is he on the team? He’s getting paid regardless. Wren’s stubbornness makes me wonder if we’ll still be bitching about B.J. getting playing time two years from now.

I’m glad there’s optimists out there, because I ain’t one of them. This team is not very good. The sooner the GM and manager recognize it, the better.





8 thoughts on “Stubbornness breeds stupidity and #Braves are paying for it

  1. Every Player has to step up and play their best , regardless of salary.All are payed.

  2. Aside from Wren being stubborn, I have 2 theories why Uggla is still on the team:

    1) With Liberty being a publicly traded company – for accounting purposes – if they cut ties with Uggla this year, I think they would have to recognize his 2015 salary as an expense in 2014. This would be similar to when they had to recognize Lowe’s 2012 salary when they traded him to Cleveland in 2011. I may be wrong about this, but I think this is how they would have to treat it for accounting purposes.

    2) Wren could be working on some crazy trade with a team in a similar situation. For example, the Dodgers have 3 overpriced veteran outfielders, who are owed more money over more time (yet have only been slightly more productive over the last 1 1/2 seasons) than our beloved duo of BJ and Uggla. Something like BJ and Uggla for Matt Kemp, with no money exchanged.

  3. The point I most agree with is the dumbness of batting BJ second. It defies reason. Freddie Freeman is hot and is perhaps our best hitter. There needs to be someone on base much more often when he comes to the plate. If the Braves are determined to leave BJ in the lineup, and they may have no other real and smart choice at the moment, let him bat 8th. Let him work it out down there, if they wish still to give him opportunity to “work it out” but batting him second is ridiculous and it’s killing us. The rest of the team is starting to heat up with the bats.

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