Enough with all this Gloomy Gus Business!

By Tim Howell

A wise man — or let’s say person, for you gals out there! — once told me that when you frown, you frown alone. But when you smile, the world smiles with you! 😉 How about that!

Which brings me to our eager, young 2015 Bravos. Like all of you, I’ve read and heard all the hand wringing and moaning about how awful this year’s squad is going to be. My reaction? I’m not buying it.

President John Schuerholz put it beautifully when he said, “This looks like a team that is going to play really good baseball and play the game with spirit and a winning attitude and a committed attitude of winners.” (We could use some leadership like that from some other president I know about. But I’m not here to talk politics!)

President Schuerholz’s candid view is good enough for me! After all, that man knows a thing or two about winning, a winning attitude and a committed attitude of winners. And what more can you ask for than a winning attitude AND a committed attitude of winners. For starters, the leadership is going to be AMAZING. Nick Markakis, EY Jr., J. Gomes, A.J. Pierzinski (spelling is not my strong suit, sorry!) and Jason Grilli will be terrific voices of experience in the clubhouse. And don’t forget, Braves Country (ah. feels good to type that. Makes me think of sweet tea, church, anti-gay marriage laws and families listening together on the front porch) the steady, calming hand of Fredi Gonzalez is back! I don’t know of a better leader in baseball than that good man.

Secondly, think of the excellent pitching. Our young staff should be as strong as any in the game. Julio, Minor, Alex Wood (woof! woof! Go Dawgs!), and Shelby Miller….I’ll go to the post with any of those guys and like my chances any day against any ball club. Then we have Craig Kimbrel (with a K!) at the back of what should be another stellar bullpen.

And the lineup this year will be scrappy, will make contact, move runners and play an exciting brand of baseball. Speaking of baseball, this great game is played not on paper or computer screens where the national media is trashing our team, but on good ole American dirt and grass, which by the way will be all over Gomes’ uniform as that clever tweet from the ball club said! It’s not played on paper or on an attitude of paper.

So we’re going to show all you Negative Nellies, Gloomy Guses, Pessimistic Pauls and Downcast Daves out there! There’s a blessin’ in this lesson. I for one can’t wait to watch these hungry, dedicated Braves shock the world in 2015! You can’t measure a man’s heart or his winning attitude and attitude of a winner!


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  1. I smell whiskey. Or Hal Phellis. Don’t matter which, cause if you got one, you know the other’s around somewhere.

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