Wrong on Frank Wren, right about Liberty, giddy over #Braves

We will not be nattering nabobs of negativism about these Braves. They are for real, they are exciting (thank you, Frank Wren, who signed Albies and Acuna) but they are paper thin, with almost no MLB-ready depth and a shaky bullpen in desperate need of a stud. And the rotation remains iffy -- as rapidly... Continue Reading →


Rowland bids adieu to the #Braves … sort of

The Office blogged daily for 11 years -- as long as Rowland lasted in the majors. So there's some symmetry, though, unlike our namesake, we're not done yet. Maybe this will be our only post of the year. We won't be posting daily. Weekly, perhaps. Certainly, my passion for the not-so-local anymore nine has waned,... Continue Reading →

Plenty of blame to spread around for Braves dysfunction

Someone hired Frank Wren. Someone else mentored and promoted Coppy. One drove the farm system into the ground. The other skirted the rules. Both were assholes. To quote obnoxious college football fans after their team loses, "Where's the accountability?" Answer: There is none. The team's owners look at the Braves like a mall developer looks... Continue Reading →

Open thread, 8/25-27, a different kind of #Braves prospects ranking

At some point, probably this offseason, the Braves will start dealing from their wealth of prospects. Who should be most untouchable? Rowland's Top 10: Ronald Acuna. By no means. Kyle Wright. Seems to have the most ace-like qualities of any of the team's pitching prospects. Luiz Gohara. See Wright. And he's left-handed. And he's produced.... Continue Reading →

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