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Open thread, 4/24, #Braves vs. Bob Sagets

by atlmalcontent in Open threads

It’s Chipper’s birthday, and even though he’s known for being a Mets killer, #10 owned the Phils even more. Chipper had a 1.036 OPS vs. Philly, with 49 [...]

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Peculiar oversights in #Braves HOF

by atlmalcontent in HOF

No offense to Don Sutton, but is he really more deserving of a berth in the Braves Hall than Andruw, McGriff, Joe Torre, Rico Carty and Leo Mazzone? Andruw hit 368 homers for [...]


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    The #Braves think we’re stupid

    April 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

    Braves execs seem to have little respect for our intelligence. We’re not rebuilding, they tell us despite all evidence to the contrary and the fact most of us believe [...]

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