If Rowland was #Braves GM …

The Braves are not going to sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. Nor should they. Liberty is always going to be cheap, and spending one-fifth of the payroll on one player would be foolish. Signed Craig Kimbrel — who appears to be in decline but is likely to grab a bigger deal than the 3-year, […]

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The fretful #Braves fan

I’m an optimist when things are going well, a pessimist when things aren’t. Guess how I’m feeling today? *We should’ve seen Ozzie’s slump coming, and the peripherals are even more troubling. His OBP is down .50 points from last year. He’s striking out more, walking less. All those home runs seem to have taken him […]

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New Yankee Stadium South

Originally posted on Rowland's Office:
Notice how the “dugout” level seats at new Yankees Stadium are almost always empty. Expect the same at Cash Grab Field in Cobb. As the Falcons sell personal seat licenses for their new stadium, the Braves are preparing to begin next month the sales of season tickets for their…

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If Rowland was #Braves GM

Some ideas on what the Braves should do this offseason, in order of priority. Dump Fat Gimp. I suspect a team like the Royals would take him if the Braves paid most of his salary. If not, release the guy. I’d rather pay him not to be on the team than put up with another […]

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The week in #Braves stupidity

I guess the Braves way means making sacrificial lambs out of respected coaches and fan favorites. Here’s hoping TP and Eddie hook on with a real franchise, not the rudderless mall anchor the Braves have become. Does anyone think TP wouldn’t have been a better manager than Fredi or Snitker? Hey, Mike Maddux, widely regarded […]

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Maybe it’s best if Hart stays

The narrative, which rings true, though may not be, holds that Royals GM Dayton Moore would come to the Braves if guaranteed total control over the franchise. That can’t happen as long as John Hart remains president of baseball operations. Hart plans on staying, unless longtime friend John Schuerholz is able to force him out, […]

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