Cooperstown 2014

I had been a little unclear as to who was eligible when so thanks to DOB for clearing it up. … More

16 years ago tonight

Marquis Grissom caught the final out of Tommy G’s masterpiece. Earlier in the night, moments after Grissom’s grab, I was … More

A non-issue

Unless the Hall of Fame is blind and/or corrupt, Greg Maddux will be inducted as an Atlanta Brave. The only … More

Wren, so far

As Braves GM, Wren has proven himself to be a blunderer as a PR man, but generally adept at his … More

Bobby on Tommy G

“The greatest compliment he got was from Greg Maddux at his retirement ceremony in Las Vegas. He was asked what … More

Smoltz on Glavine release

I’m thrilled with the McLouth deal and excited about Hanson’s debut. Still, I pretty much agree with Smoltzie‘s take on … More

Braves release Glavine

They say it’s because of decreased velocity, which is crap. More likely: the Braves re-signed him as a PR move … More