A #Braves take on Dodgers first pitch ceremony

Forget Vin and Fernando. Liberty’s promotions geniuses will have legendary Tool Race announcer Mark Owens, flanked by a pair of Tool puppets, introducing Tim Lee and his battery mate, Arby’s VP of Marketing Rex Whatshisname — with The Chop blaring in the background, naturally.

Of course they’d have to involve Hank Aaron — he’ll lead the First Chop.


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  1. Tokyokie says:

    In today’s World Series Game 4, the scheduled starting pitchers, Charlie Morton and Alex Wood, are both products of the Braves farm system. Morton was part of the package used to acquire Nate McLouth, who never hit better than .257 for the Braves and never played in more than 85 games before becoming a free agent and returning to the Pirates. He’s been out of baseball for three years. Wood was part of the genuinely awful trade with the Dodgers in which the Braves also gave up Jim Johnson, Luis Avilán and José Peraza, and received minor-league outfielder Zach Byrd (who’s out of baseball without ever rising above AA), Paco Rodríguez (who’s out of baseball without ever throwing a pitch in a regular-season game for the Braves organization because of persistent arm injuries), and the key to the deal, the loathsome Héctor Olivera (who’s out of U.S. professional baseball for being a horrible player and a horrible person).

    Tell me again about “The Braves Way.”

  2. And Olivera begat Matt Kemp, who is still owed nearly $40 mil over two years.

  3. rankinrob says:

    I kind of miss the days when we won the division every year then crapped our pants in the playoffs.

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