You’re off the hook, Andres

Back in our heyday we trafficked heavily in best and worst lists. Mostly the latter.

Nine years ago we counted down the worst 20 Braves (non-pitchers) ever. The list requires considerable revision, as room must be made for Hector Olivera, Alberto Callaspo and Emilio Bonifacio.

But one player sucks even more. So bad, he displaces Andres Thomas at #1. (Hey, at least Andres knew how to spell his name.)

Not Kevan Smith. He puts the “a” in ineptatude (sp). On Thursday night, Kev showed us just how bad he could be. In the second, he grounded into a inning-ending double play with the bases loaded. He would’ve hit into another double play in the 7th had Joc Pederson not been caught stealing. Instead, his weak grounder to second was good for just one out.

Kevan almost blew the game the inning before, with a comically bad passed ball, allowing the go-ahead run to score from third.

Somehow, the Bravos overcame Smith’s attempted sabotage as they finally topped .500.

Mercifully, Snit lifted him for a pinch hitter in the 8th with the bases loaded. I have no doubt Kev would’ve found a way to hit into a quadruple play.

Hopefully this was his last game in a Braves uni. With Travis D’Arnaud on a rehab assignment, Kev’s days are certainly numbered. He’ll finish with a .174 BA and .470 OPS (he’s actually a career .260 hitter in 777 ABs).

Corki, er, Corky Miller .. all is forgiven You too, Jodie Davis. No hard feelings, Erne Whitt. Godspeed, Jimy Kremers.

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