#Braves should get Real at trade deadline

My proposal:

Austin Riley, Cristian Pache, Ian Anderson and Kolby Allard 

to Marlins for

J.T Realmuto and Kyle Barraclough

It’s a lot to give up, but I have reservations about each of the Braves prospects.

Allard doesn’t miss enough bats; his K/9 has decreased each year;

Pache, while developing more power, as predicted, has drawn only 14 walks in 83 games;

Anderson, with 102 Ks in 82 IP at Florida, is still being treated with kid gloves, leading me to wonder how he’ll hold up over a complete big league season;

Riley’s ceiling is Mike Moustakas, and we’ve seen how that skill set is presently valued.

In return the Braves would get the best catcher in baseball, in his prime, locked up through the 2020 season (and reportedly amenable to an extension) and a power arm who would immediately become the best option out of the ‘pen. Realmuto had added power to his already impressive repertoire, while Barraclough has been downright filthy in his first year as closer, allowing just 18 hits in 42-1/3 IP.  Command remains an issue, but when you’re that unhittable you can get away with a 4.9 BB/9 ratio. Barraclough is signed through 2021.

It’s doable financially. (The Braves could actually save money, trading Tyler Flowers to one of the many contenders needing catching assistance.) It fills an organizational need. (Assuming the Braves don’t get Realmuto, expect them to pursue Yasmani Grandal in the offseason.)

Pache is the prospect I’d least want to move, but the emergence of Drew Waters lessens the blow.

Curious to hear what ya’ll think, after considering this line-up:

Albies, Realmuto, Freddie, Markakis, Acuna, Camargo, Ender, Swanson

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