New Yankee Stadium South

Hate to say we told you so, but …

Rowland's Office

Notice how the “dugout” level seats at new Yankees Stadium are almost always empty. Expect the same at Cash Grab Field in Cobb.

As the Falcons sell personal seat licenses for their new stadium, the Braves are preparing to begin next month the sales of season tickets for their new ballpark, also slated to open in 2017.

The Braves said they won’t have PSLs — consistent with their position all along — but they will convert thousands of prime, close-to-the-field seats into “premium” tickets that include amenities, require multiyear commitments and carry sharply higher prices. Some fans said they are bracing for sticker shock. …

(Vice President of Sales and Marketing Derek) Schiller wouldn’t disclose specific ticket prices, but said roughly 4,000 premium seats — located in the lower and middle levels behind home plate and between the dugouts — “will range from a few hundred dollars to less than…

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One thought on “New Yankee Stadium South

  1. Are you suggesting that the serfs be allowed to sit in these luxury seats, Rowland? You must be some kind of Jacobin.

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