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Open Thread, 7/23, #Braves vs. Janet Renos

by charlesad in Open threads

The home nine needs this one. Much as I hate to acknowledge it, the Natspos appear to have their shit together. And let’s face it, their rotation is formidable and the [...]

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The last days of Eddie Haas

by atlmalcontent in Eddie Haas

Gotta love Claudell’s reaction the day after the Braves fired Haas (no link, via the AJC archives): “This is a positive step,” [Claudell] Washington said. [...]



The All-Blah Braves, redux

by atlmalcontent in All-Blah Braves

This is not a collection of the worst Braves, simply the least inspiring, or most forgettable. So don’t look for Jody Davis or Pat Rockett on our list — their [...]


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