Who is Bud Selig’s biggest fluffer?

It seems most sportswriters have never heard of the McCourts, Jeffrey Loria, the Baseball Network, the ’94 strike, C.B. Bucknor, officially sanctioned 9/11 caps, Spiderman on the bases, contracting the Twins, PED’s … Exhibit 1:  Richard Justice of MLB.com Bud Selig’s legacy is about as uncomplicated as it gets. He’s the best Commissioner baseball has […]

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The Worst Commissioner in the History of Sports adds to his resume

C.B. Bucknor’s amateurish grandstanding is but another sorry legacy of the Used Car Salesman‘s stewardship. There is still zero accountability for umpires, whose performance has gone appreciably worse over the last 20 years. Then there’s the money grubbing. Bud prevented the Nats from wearing Navy caps to honor the victims of the shootings at the […]

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Braves TV deal worse than we thought

The LA Times reports the Dodgers will receive $240 to $280 million per year for local broadcasting rights. According to DOB, the Braves take in roughly $20-to-$25 million annually from their local TV rights — a deal Jeff Passan calls “the sport’s worst television contract,” negotiated as “a term of its sale” from Time Warner […]

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The Used Car Salesman shirks culpability in selling Miami $645 million lemon

Jeffrey Loria is a worthy villain, no doubt, but the 145 remaining Marlins fans should direct their venom towards Bud Selig. Unfortunately, the media continues  to give the commissioner a pass; instead, they laud Selig’s stewardship. George F. Will doing his best Dick Morris, actually wrote this three years ago; (S)erious baseball fans argue about everything–the best […]

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This Bud’s for you, Jeff Schultz

Bud Selig just announced that all 1-game playoff series games still tied after 10 innings will go to penalty kicks. — Jeff Schultz (@JeffSchultzAJC) March 1, 2012 The AJC’s Jeff Schultz filets the ©Worst Commissioner in the History of Sports: There’s no need to spend time debating whether Bud Selig is making a good decision […]

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Thanks again, Bud

From Tim Tucker’s review of Liberty’s financials: In a conference call that Liberty executives held with investment analysts Thursday, the Braves were mentioned once. That was in the context of a discussion about taxes. Is there a team in baseball that has benefited from corporate ownership? The Cubs (Tribune), the Angels (Disney) and the Dodgers […]

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The DH is coming to the NL

From the Dept. of Unfortunate Predictions: With next year’s realignment there will be an interleague game every day of the season. Couple that with the advantage AL teams have when doling out big contracts (Pujols, Fielder, et al) and you have two more reasons why the DH should be abolished. But the players union will […]

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Bud Selig must be stopped

If I had dominion over the world’s pigeons I’d send them to Milwaukee to shit on the Used Car Salesman’s statue. My latest harangue against Bud, in which I conclude that he’s an enemy agent sent by the NFL to destroy baseball, can be found at ATLmalcontent.

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Rowland’s still in charge

Rankin’ Rob wonders if the new template (which, as longtime Office readers know, is likely to change) means we’ve been co-opted by MLB. No worries, it’s just a new WordPress template. For you skeptics, I present this repost: Aaron, Yount and the Used Car Salesman? If you happen to know a pigeon with the runs point […]

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‘A vile piece of shit’

Bizz Bissinger unloads on Frank McCourt. Selig is clearly embarrassed by the allegations that have come out in divorce proceedings from his estranged wife Jamie McCourt, which revealed the millions that were reportedly taken from the Dodgers for personal use. In a court filing in 2009, McCourt said his liquid assets were less than $1.2 […]

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Fox also to blame for Dodgers mess

Another reason Bud gave the Dodgers to the McCourts? As a favor to Fox, according to Bill Plaschke. Worst commissioner ever. Worst Dodgers owner ever. A club that once employed nine Hall of Famers was being run by an owner whose payroll included his children and a Russian physicist hired to channel positive energy. The […]

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