Fresh Reminders of Why we Hate the Team that was Last in MLB to Integrate

Moments ago, a woman colleague burst into my production node brandishing a ticket to an upcoming game at Klanway, er Fenway, Park. A half hour earlier, I read the bleatings from troglodyte Red Sox hero and Brietbart contributor Curt Schilling. Of course, he thinks Adam Jones is a liar. Imagine if Rocker had been a... Continue Reading →


Too good to be true

The GM who ran the team I love into the ground is reportedly the leading contender to assume the same job with the team I loathe. Frank Wren in Boston? Please, make it so. He should be at home in Beantown, what with all of the bloated contracts given to flops like Hanley Ramirez, Sandoval... Continue Reading →

My hatred of the Red Sox grows by the minute

First there was the Fox pre-game show, a valentine to the Red Sox. Oh, look at those beards -- they're so kooky! And original, too! But the loathing grew exponentially when the Sox fans started chanting "ster-oid" at Peralta. The same fans who celebrated two world championships won on the PED-enhanced shoulders of Manny Ramirez... Continue Reading →

One good thing about 2012: Boston won’t make the playoffs

The final two spots in Boston's rotation are expected to be filled by converted relievers. Their projected third starter missed more than half of the 2011 season with back issues. Josh Beckett is a injury waiting to happen. And new closer Andrew Bailey has also missed significant time to arm ailments. As for the offense, Kevin... Continue Reading →

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