Too good to be true

The GM who ran the team I love into the ground is reportedly the leading contender to assume the same job with the team I loathe. Frank Wren in Boston? Please, make it so. He should be at home in Beantown, what with all of the bloated contracts given to flops like Hanley Ramirez, Sandoval […]

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The joy of schadenfreude

While the media lapdogs tripped over themselves to ordain the Red Sox as favorites to win the 2015 World Series, Rowland was skeptical (from our 2015 preview): Most overrated. Boston. Yeah, we hate the Red Sox and will never pass up an opportunity to rip them, but their rotation really sucks. They lack not only […]

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Hathos in spades

An excerpt from today’s game story by the great Charles Odum, who covers the Braves for the AP: The roar following Ortiz’s homer startled A.J. Pierzynski, who was waiting on deck. “When David hit that homer, that was probably the loudest cheer as a visitor I’ve ever heard, especially since I was on deck and […]

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Best lede of the year

From a Wall Street Journal book review written by Sam Sacks: One of the novelist’s vital, if unenviable, duties is to inhabit the perspectives of society’s most detested members — drug addicts, dictators, Red Sox fans …

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One more reason to hate the Red Sox

The owners of the Boston Red Sox were preoccupied with sagging TV ratings and hired marketing consultants who urged the team to place a greater emphasis on “good-looking stars” and “sex symbols,” according to an excerpt from a book co-authored by former Red Sox manager Terry Francona. … On Nov. 2, 2010, a group gathered at Fenway […]

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The curse of Curb

The Red Sox, whose ACE Josh Beckett LOST to BALTIMORE last night, putting them into a TIE with Tampa, have a new curse. Ever since Bill Buckner made a guest appearance on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the Boston Red Sox have been prettay, prettay, prettay … bad. The question now: Did he curse the Red Sox […]

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One more reason to loathe the BoSox

John Lackey sort of looks like John Rocker. Apparently he’s just as big of a douchebag. Lackey, who was the starting pitcher in the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader in New York, expressed anger at his postgame news conference over a text message he received inquiring about a personal issue. “Let me tell you the […]

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That other Wild Card race

A Braves collapse would be epic but not historic. The Red Sox are at risk being the first team ever to miss the playoffs by blowing a nine-game lead in September. Their lead is only two over Tampa, though the remaining schedule favors the Sox, who play 7 out of 10 against Baltimore. The Rays, […]

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A tale of two 1B on HBO

Fantastic extended cameo by the lifetime .289 hitter on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” tonight, including some well-deserved digs at Red Sox fans. Lonnie Smith should be grateful he wasn’t playing for Boston in the ’91 World Series. Of course, Lonnie might’ve plotted to shoot the more unforgiving Red Sox backers. And now, a cameo by Teixeira […]

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