Thanks again, Bud

From Tim Tucker’s review of Liberty’s financials:

In a conference call that Liberty executives held with investment analysts Thursday, the Braves were mentioned once. That was in the context of a discussion about taxes.

Is there a team in baseball that has benefited from corporate ownership? The Cubs (Tribune), the Angels (Disney) and the Dodgers (Fox) were all mismanaged by their corporate overlords.

The Braves are nothing but an asset with tax benefits to Liberty. I don’t blame the company as much as I do the sorriest excuse for a commissioner in the history of professional sports.

One thought on “Thanks again, Bud

  1. And it’s not like Time-Warner was any great shakes, either, especially with the awful long-term local TV deal it did right before swapping the local nine to a cable programmer for a fistful of tax-write-offs.

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