#Braves 25: The Time Warner TV dealmaker

We don't know his name, but his impact on the team can't be overstated. Back in 2007, as the team was being sold to Liberty Media, Time Warner was negotiating a new TV deal for the Braves, although benefiting the team was the least of the Evil Empire's concerns. "It was to Turner’s advantage, obviously, to... Continue Reading →


#Braves find $500 mil but won’t bite the bullet on Uggla

The good news: The onerous TV deal is no longer quite so onerous. Changes in the Braves’ local television deals will generate about $500 million in additional revenue for the team “over the life of the contracts,” the chief executive of Braves owner Liberty Media revealed today. The TV deals were reworked last year, but... Continue Reading →

Bring me the head of the Time Warner suit who screwed the Braves for a generation

The Phils just inked a 25-year, $2.5 billion TV deal, which will give them roughly $75 million more in annual revenues than the Braves receive from their crappy contract with Fox. I'd really like to know exactly who in the Time Warner clusterfuck negotiated the Braves deal. Shouldn't they be held accountable for screwing the... Continue Reading →

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