#Braves find $500 mil but won’t bite the bullet on Uggla

The good news: The onerous TV deal is no longer quite so onerous.

Changes in the Braves’ local television deals will generate about $500 million in additional revenue for the team “over the life of the contracts,” the chief executive of Braves owner Liberty Media revealed today.

The TV deals were reworked last year, but Liberty CEO Greg Maffei, speaking on a quarterly conference call with Wall Street analysts, shed new light on the financial significance of the changes.

“Through some good work at the management of the Braves and a confluence of events, we were able to renegotiate positively a bunch of those (TV) rights and receive probably in the order of $500 million of incremental revenue over the life of the contracts,” Maffei said. “So that’s been very positive. … That adds a lot of value, even on a present value basis, to the Braves.”

Maffei said the Braves’ TV deals originally ran through 2027, but he didn’t say how long the renegotiated deals run.

The bad news: Frank Wren might use the money on other ill-considered contract extensions. In a related item, The Oafbatross ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, reporteth Bowman.

After spending time this week evaluating the financial consequences, the Braves have moved away from the thought of releasing Uggla. But this decision does not necessarily provide clear indication of who might serve as their primary second baseman over the remainder of the season.

If the Braves released Uggla, they would still be responsible for the approximate $24 million he is owed through the end of the 2015 season. While the perspective might change over the next few weeks or months, it does not appear the club is comfortable with eating this large sum of money. But the Braves are every bit as uneasy about the prospect of remaining patient with Uggla, who has batted .185 with a .655 OPS in the 266 games he has played since June 1, 2012.

So the Braves would rather waste a roster spot than admit they screwed up? Uggla gets paid either way, and as long as he’s in Atlanta, Tommy LaStella won’t be.

Knowing Fredi, he’ll probably start using the Oafbatross as a defensive replacement. Blame FW when that happens.


7 thoughts on “#Braves find $500 mil but won’t bite the bullet on Uggla

  1. I understand the money that the bravos would loose as cutting ties with Uggla. He is a great defensivese second baseman. He has shown that he is frustrated with batting and his confidence is is l-ow. Gwinnett has a second baseman that is capable and deserves a shot. Uggla can make it elsewhere. Braves go ahead and loose the money for Braves Fans! I think a change would be a good thing. The team as a whole would get back on to the main objective Winning..His struggles are making the team unaffected on and off the field. The investment wasn’t a good one. Looked good on paper but that doesn’t win games.

    second ”.

  2. stay away from the whiskey before you post, julia. if uggla’s a great defensivese second baseman, i’ll eat chief wahoo macdaniels’ headdress. i think you meant to say defense sieve, cause that’s all that egg sucker is.

  3. TRBC, I bow down at your wisdom, your humor, your humility and your humanity. But let me ask you something. I once heard you tell Solie that you don’t shave because you so mean you might cut your own throat. Are you still that mean, Cat?

  4. Maybe we can buy out his contract like the mets did with Jason Bay?

    Make him a player manager at Gwinnett?

    Trade him to Japan?

  5. If the Braves were to loose the Uggla contract, perhaps the squad would start playing more lose and relaxed. Just a thought.

  6. I just hope the Braves don’t loose tonight. And, Sharon, stop playing fast and lose with words. Their is nothing to be gained from that.

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