Don’t be surprised if the Braves acquire …

Ervin Santana. Before the recent series against the Royals Fredi talked about how the Braves had previously tried to trade for the Kansas City right-handers, who's been quite good in 2012. Santana is available but the price will be steep, say insiders. With Huddy done for the year, it's a price the Braves may be... Continue Reading →


Open thread, 4/16, Braves vs. Shawn Sedlaceks

It's sure to be an emotional homecoming tonight as the Braves welcome back legends Ned Yost, Bruce Chen and a certain RF whose name rhymes with manure. Jeremy Guthrie toes the slab for K.C, who've won seven of nine on the backs of their pitching. The Royals have been limp offensively, managing just 4 HR... Continue Reading →

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