Post-game thread, 9/26

Sorry about the late thread -- feeling sketchy tonight. Feeling worse after hearing the news about¬†McCann's right abductor strain, which is the same injury that sidelined B.J. earlier in the summer. Hopefully it's not that serious, but it's possible we have just seen B-Mac's last game as a Brave. Which means we'll have the pleasure... Continue Reading →


Open thread, 8/3, Win one for Skip!

We lost Skip Caray five years ago today, and The Nation of Jake has compiled an hour-long tribute¬†that's worth a listen. It's a crime Skip, and Pete, aren't in the Hall of Fame (but Milo Hamilton is). Maybe that'll change next year, when the Class of 2014 should include Mad Dog, Glavine and Bobby. Fredi... Continue Reading →

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