Flashback: the #Braves pursue Pete Rose

"Horses. Horses. I need horses," Ted Turner told all within listening distance last night at the Omni. So began a  Dec. 1, 1978 article from the AP chronicling the Braves' pursuit of free agent, and avid horse racing fan, Pete Rose. Turner had just learned that Pirates owner John Galbreath's pitch to Rose included a... Continue Reading →


Maddux slighted again, and was Smoltzie better than Glavine?

I'm thrilled that the last pitcher chosen in ESPN's ranking of the 100 greatest players in MLB history is the perpetually underrated Knucksie, #100 overall. Not so much with the highest-ranked pitcher: Roger Clemens. ESPN cautions its list is a "judgment-free zone where Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and even Pete Rose are welcome." (Rose debased the game but earned every one of his... Continue Reading →

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