The nadir

No matter how depressing this offseason has been, it could be worse, as this walk down memory lane reminds us. The Braves. losers of three straight, were 38-74 entering play on Aug. 10, 1988. A crowd of 6,070 turned out on one crazy summer night to watch Rick Mahler battle Andy Hawkins. A three-run homer by... Continue Reading →


Open thread, 9/15, Braves vs. Ed Whitsons

Amid all the injuries and slumps, Kris Medlen's resurgence has been a bright spot. Medlen is pitching like Med Dog again, winning his last four starts with a 0.98 ERA, 26 K's and 4 BB in 27-2/3 IP. It'll be interesting to see how Fredi aligns the rotation come October. Match-ups will certainly play a... Continue Reading →

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