Maybe it’s best if Hart stays

The narrative, which rings true, though may not be, holds that Royals GM Dayton Moore would come to the Braves if guaranteed total control over the franchise. That can't happen as long as John Hart remains president of baseball operations. Hart plans on staying, unless longtime friend John Schuerholz is able to force him out,... Continue Reading →


#Braves can do their young pitchers a big favor but probably won’t

Jim Hickey, long regarded as one of the game's finest pitching coaches, and Tampa have parted ways, ending an impressive 10-year run. During his time with the Rays, Hickey helped mold the careers of pitchers like David Price (who won a Cy Young while with the team), Wade Davis, Fernando Rodney (who had an 0.60... Continue Reading →

Plenty of blame to spread around for Braves dysfunction

Someone hired Frank Wren. Someone else mentored and promoted Coppy. One drove the farm system into the ground. The other skirted the rules. Both were assholes. To quote obnoxious college football fans after their team loses, "Where's the accountability?" Answer: There is none. The team's owners look at the Braves like a mall developer looks... Continue Reading →

Open thread, 8/25-27, a different kind of #Braves prospects ranking

At some point, probably this offseason, the Braves will start dealing from their wealth of prospects. Who should be most untouchable? Rowland's Top 10: Ronald Acuna. By no means. Kyle Wright. Seems to have the most ace-like qualities of any of the team's pitching prospects. Luiz Gohara. See Wright. And he's left-handed. And he's produced.... Continue Reading →

Open thread, 6/30 – 7/2, #Braves vs. the municipal equivalent of STP

*"There's no there there." Gertrude Stein, when asked her thoughts about SunTrust Park. *If Cody Bellinger was playing first base for the Braves I might understand the Freddie Freeman experiment. But Matt Adams is no Cody Bellinger. At his best he'll be another Matt Kemp -- plus power and little else. At best Freddie will... Continue Reading →

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