Number 17

Congrats to the local nine on their 17th division championship. Jayson Werth was asked if considered the Braves or Philadelphia Phillies a bigger threat. Werth, the former Phillie, did not hesitate. “Phillies,” he said. “I think everybody is writing them off. They played good in September, when they were healthy. They’re not going to roll […]

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Rolling to October

Assuming the Braves don’t blow a 9-run lead, they will lead the Nats by 11 games with 54 remaining. If the local nine plays .500 ball the rest of the way Washington would have to go 38-16 just to force a tie. I’m not ready to celebrate quite yet, with the 2011 collapse still fresh […]

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The Nationals are a beast

Let’s not kid ourselves: The Nationals are the team to beat in the NL East. The Braves are worthy contenders, with few flaws. But as far as I can tell the Nationals have no weaknesses. On offense, they’ve added Denard Span to bat lead-off and return talented backstop Wilson Ramos, who will compete with Kurt […]

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Are the Phils a threat?

I like Ben Revere, acquired by the Phils from Minnesota, but otherwise their offseason has been a bust. They got older, acquiring Michael Young, who’s coming off a dreadful season with the Rangers. And the 36-year-old third sacker will only make a bad fielding team worse. Today they signed clubhouse cancer Delmon Young, another poor […]

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