Funny how Carlos Beltran gets lucky every October

The stat geeks mock the idea of a clutch performance, but it isn't it more ridiculous to attribute the success of Beltran, who now has 16 HR and 31 RBI in 37 postseason games, to good fortune? I guess Smoltzie and Curt Schilling were just lucky, too. Then there's Nick Swisher, batting .165 in 158... Continue Reading →


B.J. and beyond

The good, the bad and what this means for 2013. Jim Bowden likes the move. That's worrisome. Upton whiffs. A lot. But so did Michael Bourn. Upton is not Bourn's equal as a defender, but he ain't bad. Speaking of Bourn, he's not coming back. Upton will be 33 when his contract ends. Derek Lowe... Continue Reading →

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