Nats return for Souza > #Braves haul for J-Up

Excellent observation by Office commenter Andrelton the Giant on the J-Up deal: (T)he Nationals beat us bad on this trade. They got Joe Ross and Trea Turner in the 3 team deal with the Rays (and Padres) and only gave up Steven Souza, a player without a spot in their foreseeable lineup. A fourth OF for... Continue Reading →


Gattis in LF and other depressing #Braves developments

Joel Sherman, who reported two days ago that the Braves were aggressively shopping Evan Gattis, now says the Braves plan on moving him to LF. And this time he has a quote backing it up. “We want to get Evan’s bat in the lineup, and if he catches, he would play just 100 games and we would... Continue Reading →

Week 1 autopsy

There's a definite buzz about this team. More than 120,000 turned out for the Cubs series -- and not many of them seemed to be rooting for the Little Bears. Yes, they got a boost from the Final Four, but the crowds have been more enthusiastic than in recent years. FSS and SS are also benefiting,... Continue Reading →

Justin Upton will be a Brave by Friday

There's good reason to be optimistic. Scribes Rosenthal, Heyman and Olney all report the Braves have offered a "strong package" of players for Upton. DOB says the offer likely involves Teheran plus two-to-three additional prospects. Among the names bandied about: Gattis, Ahmed, Gilmartin, Spruill ... Bet on it happening by Friday, an artificial deadline favored... Continue Reading →

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