The 2017 Galleria Braves could really suck

According to DOB, the Braves hierarchy has yet to initiate contract talks with Jay Hey and Freddie. Heyward has little incentive to sign an extension, as he’s only two years from free agency. Re-upping Freddie, a free agent after 2016, is still possible, but it won’t be easy. If it doesn’t happen this offseason, it probably won’t.

With thirtysomething mediocrities like Jhonny Peralta and Jason Vargas inking four-year deals, imagine what a 27-year-old Freeman will fetch on the open market  Kris Medlen, a free agent after 2015, has to be licking his chops. So does Craig Kimbrel, a free agent in three years.

Of the current core, only Mike Minor, Andrelton and Julio Teheran are signed through 2017, when Pascual Perez Memorial Stadium is scheduled to open. Minor, like B.J. Upton, will be in the last year of his contract, while Andrelton and Julio will be two years from free agency.

The Braves have been largely averse to extensions, and for the most part it’s worked to their advantage (see Francoeur, Hanson, Jurrjens, Escobar). But it’s a risk work taking, allowing teams like the Rays to keep Evan Longoria throughout his peak years. Considering the Braves’ local TV contract, it’s a risk they must take.

If the team doesn’t make serious efforts to lock up their celebrated core, it’ll be fair to conclude that Liberty believes building a new stadium is more profitable than fielding a winning team.

Spring stats not totally irrelevant

Would you rather him give up four homers in an outing, like Teheran did last spring against Detroit? Nothing wrong with a young pitcher gaining confidence, is there?

Teheran keeps dealing

We  came into Spring Training hoping Julio Teheran could hold his own as a 5th starter. He’s done that and more rediscovering the form that made him one of the top pitching prospects in baseball.

Today’s line: 6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K’s

I know, the games don’t count, but would you rather have the Teheran of 2012 who gave up six homers in his Spring Training debut?

Five no-hit innings for Teheran today

Safe to assume he’s won the fifth starter’s job. For the spring Teheran has allowed two runs and four hits in 14 IP with 18 K’s and 4 BB.

Meanwhile, Evan Gattis doubled twice today vs. the Cards, driving in 3. He’s hitting .464 with a .857 slugging percentage this spring — though I still think he should be sent to Gwinnett. He needs to develop as a catcher, not scrap for AB’s on the Braves bench.

Duane’s pissed!

The Pirates unloaded off JV and David Carpenter, but Julio Teheran and Sean Gilmartin pitched two scoreless innings each. The two top contenders for the fifth spot in the rotation each struck out two and allowed only one baserunner apiece.

Jay Hey hit his first homer and B.J. and Schafer had two hit games. Otherwise, the bats remained flaccid and the Braves drop to 0-3.

Time to give Dayton a call

According to the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman, the Royals may be willing to deal prized prospect Wil Myers, a right-handed hitter with immense potential.

It would take a lot to get him, perhaps even Julio Teheran AND Randall Delgado. So be it. The Braves have pitching to spare and Myers would be a perfect fit in the line-up, filling a major hole with a minimum salary. That would give FW the option to overspend on Bourn — he’s going to overspend on someone, after all.

He split last year between Double-A Northwest Arkansas and Triple-A Omaha, batting a combined .314 with 37 homers and a .987 OPS.