The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #17 Kevin Coffman

In what had to be the least satisfying trade in MLB history, the Braves sent pitchers Kevin Coffman and Kevin Blankenship to the Cubs for Jody Davis. The two hurlers combined to win 1 for Chicago while Davis hit .161 in 267 AB’s as a Brave, earning him a spot on our countdown of the 20 worst players.

That  the Braves were able to find a taker for Coffman is surprising enough. He was the worst pitcher on the worst team in Braves history, walking 54, with just 24 K’s, in 67 innings for the ’88 club.

His walks per 9 IP ratio with the Braves was double his K/9 — 7.4 to 3.7. Add a hit per inning and you’ve got a putrid 1.830 WHIP. He was even worse on the North Side, finishing his career with a 1.934 WHIP in 110.2 IP.


The 20 worst A-Braves, non-pitchers: #20 ‘Gainesville’s own’ Jody Davis

(in no particular order) 

I attended high school in Gainesville, which has its charms, assuming you can get past the smell of dead chickens.

There aren’t many famous people from there, save for Georgia’s current governor and Howard Stern’s favorite Klansman, Daniel Carver.

So Jody Davis was a pretty big deal. The ginger-haired catcher was the first MLB player from the area, just beating former UGA punter (and Cardinals pitcher) Cris Carpenter (not to be confused with Chris Carpenter, who’s much better).

Davis was an above-average backstop before coming to Atlanta. He played in two All-Star games and finished 10th in the 1984 NL MVP voting.

But he was abysmal as a Brave, batting .161 over three seasons. The only thing worse than his .237 Braves OBP was his slugging percentage (.236). He had more strikeouts (65) than total bases (63).

He saved his worst for the home folks, batting just .143 at Fulco in 1989. Davis was mercifully released the following May after starting the 1990 season with 2 singles in his first 28 AB.

His departure paved the way for Greg Olson, which is about the only good thing you can say about Jody’s time in Atlanta.