Offseason off to uninspiring start, but it could be worse

We're not expecting any big moves, but if FW doesn't lock up any of the young core and ship Dan Uggla elsewhere, this offseason will be an abject failure. As bad as the offseason following the '96 season -- unlikely.  That winter started off pretty uneventful: Greg McMichael was traded for Paul Byrd, Smoltzie was... Continue Reading →


Elton John, the Lemmer, Knucksie and JS talk Bravos

My dream: Elton John teams up with a rich Atlantan (say Sara Blakely, the billionaire who founded Spanx) and buys the Bravos. He's no superficial fan. In this series of clips, from 2007, Elton bitches about the best-of-five division playoff, disses the DH, compares B-Mac to Johnny Bench, quizzes JS about Leo Mazzone's departure and asks... Continue Reading →

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