The Worst Commissioner in the History of Sports adds to his resume

C.B. Bucknor's amateurish grandstanding is but another sorry legacy of the Used Car Salesman's stewardship. There is still zero accountability for umpires, whose performance has gone appreciably worse over the last 20 years. Then there's the money grubbing. Bud prevented the Nats from wearing Navy caps to honor the victims of the shootings at the... Continue Reading →


Blame it on Bud

Maury Brown @BizballMaury Here's what an Expos game looked like back then, and a Marlins game now. The owner of both? Jeffrey Loria --> 12:16 AM - 11 Jun 2013

More people watched the Fish in person Wednesday than on TV

Just a reminder: Jeffrey Loria wouldn't be owning the Marlins if not for the Worst Commissioner in the History of Sports. In other words, as the Herald reported, 0.8 percent of all TV households in Miami-Dade County and Broward County were watching the Marlins get shutout by the Atlanta Braves. Nielsen, which handles television ratings,... Continue Reading →

The Used Car Salesman shirks culpability in selling Miami $645 million lemon

Jeffrey Loria is a worthy villain, no doubt, but the 145 remaining Marlins fans should direct their venom towards Bud Selig. Unfortunately, the media continues  to give the commissioner a pass; instead, they laud Selig's stewardship. George F. Will doing his best Dick Morris, actually wrote this three years ago; (S)erious baseball fans argue about everything--the best... Continue Reading →

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