The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #1-4, Frank LaCorte

S0 20 pitchers was a bit ambitious. Life’s too short to waste it parsing the stats of Jim Panther and Randy O’Neal.

Besides, Frank LaCorte was so bad he deserves four spots. While this list wasn’t completed in order of suckitude, no Braves pitcher sucked more than LaCorte, though you could make a case for Kevin Coffman.

His 1977 numbers are almost unbelievable: 1-8, 11.68 ERA, 37 IP, 67 H, 29 BB, 2.595 WHIP.

LaCorte, the fifth pitcher from the ’77 squad to make the list, appeared in 14 games that year, half as a starter. He lost 6 of those 7 starts with an 11.57 ERA. His ERA in relief: 11.91.

Left-handed hitters batted .404 against LaCorte; righties, .389. He was 0-4 at Fulco with a 15.16 ERA.

LaCorte’s only win came in the season’s fourth game — his first — a 7-6 decision over the Dodgers.

The Braves traded him in 1979 to the Astros for Bo McLaughlin. LaCorte’s final Braves numbers: 4-24, 6.23 ERA, 1.631 WHIP.

He actually turned into a decent reliever with the ‘Stros, winning 8 and saving 11 for the 1980 NL West champions. But he’ll always be remembered as the worst hurler to ever toe the slab on Capitol Ave.


The 20 worst A-Braves players: #19 Damaso Garcia

What is it about shitty ex-Braves and uniform burning? Frank LaCorte, one of the worst hurlers in Braves history, torched his Astros uni. Talk about your fashion statements, heeeeey!

When Damaso Garcia burned his Blue Jays togs in the summer of ’86 the Braves pounced, acquiring the two-time All Star with a .293 BA and an average of 34 SB over five seasons for Craig McMurtry, was was 10-26 over his last three years in Atlanta. The late Jesse Outlar of the Atlanta Constitution called the deal “almost too good to be true.”

It was true, but there was nothing good about it. Garcia missed the entire ’87 season with knee problems, returning the following year a shell of his former self. Garcia totaled just seven hits as a Brave — three of which came in the ’88 opener. After that, he managed but four hits in 53 AB. That’s an .075 BA. His .117 BA that year was lower than pitchers Rick Mahler, Zane Smith and Charlie Puleo.

While his talent dissipated, Garcia was as big an asshole as ever. He was released in May after twice pulling himself from the line-up and refusing to play third base.

The Braves celebrated Garcia’s departure by burning his uniform.