#Braves wasted more than money on B.J.

MelJu is fighting for a roster spot in Toronto as he enters the last year of the horrific 5-year, $75.25 million signed in 2012. The Braves, of course, unloaded that contract when they shipped Melvin to San Diego as part of the Craig Kimbrel trade, a deal that essentially netted Matt Wisler and Austin Riley.... Continue Reading →


Not-so #Braves predictions

Say you're the GM of a MLB team. How many of the players likely to be on Braves 25-man roster would you pursue in a trade? Freddie. Dansby. Inciarte. Julio. Folty. Maybe Jim Johnson or Aroldys? Compare that to the Nats or Mets and you'll a sense of how far this Braves team has to go... Continue Reading →

The all-time awful #Braves Opening Day line-up

What follows is a position-by-position compilation of the worst Opening Day starters ever, with two caveats. The cut-off is 1977, and injury substitutes (i.e. Easy Ed Miller over Jeff Burroughs in '80) don't count. C: "Gainesville's own" Jody Davis ('89). Like runner-ups Rick Cerone ('85) and Ernie Whitt ('90), Davis was once an above-average backstop.... Continue Reading →

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