The 10 worst teams of the last 25 years: ’96 Tigers

In honor of the '88 Braves, we present this look back at the 10 worst teams of the last quarter-century. Obviously the '88 Braves are on that list, but were they worst of the worst? A look back, in no particular order, though we will decide on the very worst. 1996 Detroit Tigers On the... Continue Reading →


Braves targeting B.J.

According to Bowman, they hoped to sign Justin's older brother and Torii Hunter, who went to Detroit instead. B.J. Upton is still available and no free agent has more potential. He's not quite as fast as Bourn, or as good defensively, but he's above average. Offensively, he's a mixed bag. His 28 HR in 2012... Continue Reading →

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