Not-so #Braves predictions

Say you're the GM of a MLB team. How many of the players likely to be on Braves 25-man roster would you pursue in a trade? Freddie. Dansby. Inciarte. Julio. Folty. Maybe Jim Johnson or Aroldys? Compare that to the Nats or Mets and you'll a sense of how far this Braves team has to go... Continue Reading →


Open Thread, 4.6, The Bud Era Begins

Fingers crossed. Bud Norris in a lot of ways symbolizes where the franchise stands. He defines mediocrity (56-68, 4.44 ERA for his career). He's exactly the sort of filler teams pluck from the scrap heap when they're rebuilding. Bud had a decent season in 2014. But if that was his Caddyshack, then 2015 was his... Continue Reading →

The nadir

No matter how depressing this offseason has been, it could be worse, as this walk down memory lane reminds us. The Braves. losers of three straight, were 38-74 entering play on Aug. 10, 1988. A crowd of 6,070 turned out on one crazy summer night to watch Rick Mahler battle Andy Hawkins. A three-run homer by... Continue Reading →

Braves more profitable in 2013, yet payroll stays the same

According to to Liberty Media's quarterly filing with the SEC (h/t Willie Montanez), the Braves reported revenues of $251 million for FY 2013 (through 9/30) with a operating income -- the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses -- of $52 million. That's an increase of $21 million from the same period in 2012, when the team... Continue Reading →

Post-game thread, 9/26

Sorry about the late thread -- feeling sketchy tonight. Feeling worse after hearing the news about McCann's right abductor strain, which is the same injury that sidelined B.J. earlier in the summer. Hopefully it's not that serious, but it's possible we have just seen B-Mac's last game as a Brave. Which means we'll have the pleasure... Continue Reading →

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