FW poised to land Victorino?

With Hanson gone, it's unlikely the Braves will deal Teheran or Delgado. So they appear set to import another free agent to fill the void in LF -- ideally, a player who can lead off -- instead of pursing a trade. Enter Shane Victorino.┬áThe switch hitter, who turned 32 today, is a plus defender, accomplished... Continue Reading →


B.J. and beyond

The good, the bad and what this means for 2013. Jim Bowden likes the move. That's worrisome. Upton whiffs. A lot. But so did Michael Bourn. Upton is not Bourn's equal as a defender, but he ain't bad. Speaking of Bourn, he's not coming back. Upton will be 33 when his contract ends. Derek Lowe... Continue Reading →

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