World Series open thread, Game 4

I think the Braves would’ve beaten either of these teams in a series. And I’m not feeling that great about predicting the Tigers in 7. A long winter awaits.

World Series open thread, Game 3

I shudder to think what the ratings will be the next three nights (assuming we get to a Game 5) up against football. So far, this has been a pretty pedestrian World Series. Hopefully that changes tonight. I’ll stick w/ Tigers in 7.

World Series open thread, Game 1

Leave it to MLB to cede all decisions to Fox. Here they are, in Tony Bennett’s hometown, and guess who’s singing the National Anthem? Last year’s “American Idol” winner, the one whose name no one knows. Idol, of course, is a Fox product. MLB remains a Fox product through 2021. Can’t wait to listen to…