#Braves broadcasts: From first to worst

.@PaulByrd36 is trying to find a nickname for @KelsWingert - and thinks #Braves Country might be able to help. So...Suggestions? pic.twitter.com/x2KZX4OUv1 — FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) May 2, 2017 Somehow, the Braves displeased the baseball gods. The product on the field has been bad enough -- the people describing it have become unbearable. Skip's sarcasm... Continue Reading →


Skip, Pete and Ernie screwed again by HOF

It was bad enough that Milo Hamilton was enshrined before the Braves' three biggest HOF snubs: Skip, Pete and Ernie. This year they weren't even included among the eight finalists. Hawk Harrelson and the voice of the Tampa Bay Rays,  DeWayne Staats, were. I've been the Braves trio has been repeatedly passed over because they... Continue Reading →

Pete screwed again

Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel wins the Ford C. Frick Award, besting Pete Van Wieren, one of 10 finalists. Nadel may be worthy, I don't know, but any club that has Milo Hamilton as a member doesn't deserve the likes of Pete, Skip and Ernie. Sure would've been nice seeing Pete inducted into the HOF... Continue Reading →

Encourage Chip Caray to keep tweeting stupid shit

Maybe he'll get himself canned. Chip Caray’s Twitter feed last night tweeted the following, which appears to be Caray snarking on a news headline regarding the Aurora shooting to make an anti-Obama point (i.e. the “brighter day” will come when Obama is voted-out in Novemeber): As The Outside Corner blog details, Caray’s followers called him... Continue Reading →

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