#Braves broadcasts: From first to worst

.@PaulByrd36 is trying to find a nickname for @KelsWingert – and thinks #Braves Country might be able to help. So…Suggestions? pic.twitter.com/x2KZX4OUv1 — FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) May 2, 2017 Somehow, the Braves displeased the baseball gods. The product on the field has been bad enough — the people describing it have become unbearable. Skip’s sarcasm […]

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Goodbye old friend

The Professor has died, and for Braves fans of a certain age, it’s a big loss. The Original Big Three — Pete, Skip and Ernie — are all gone. Pete Van Wieren’s voice was always reassuring. He avoided the hyperbole so pervasive among today’s announcers. Those of us who loved the Braves knew Pete loved […]

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Smoltzie returns to Braves broadcasts

Smoltzie, probably the best baseball analyst working today, will join Chip and Joe for “select Atlanta Braves games during the season on FOX Sports South and SportSouth,” according to a press release that just landed in my inbox. Tom Glavine will also be returning for “select games,” though it’s unclear how many each will work. […]

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Pete screwed again

Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel wins the Ford C. Frick Award, besting Pete Van Wieren, one of 10 finalists. Nadel may be worthy, I don’t know, but any club that has Milo Hamilton as a member doesn’t deserve the likes of Pete, Skip and Ernie. Sure would’ve been nice seeing Pete inducted into the HOF […]

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Pete a HOF finalist

Imagine this 2014 HOF class: Glavine, Mad Dog, Bobby and Pete Van Wieren. It could, and should, happen. Congrats to the Professor, one of 10 finalists for the Ford C. Frick Award. It would be a crime if he didn’t get it.

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Off the field annoyances

The list is growing, thanks to the FSN Twitter chick. Perhaps she and Chip will be involved in an embarrassing, Bobby Petrino-esque incident that will get them both fired. Chip’s singsong narrative is driving me to drink (more). I won’t even bother to wish for an end to Mark Owens’ obnoxious between innings patter or […]

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