My farewell to The Ted

Yesterday marked my final visit Turner Field, as I'll be in Brunswick covering a certain sensational trial beginning next week. About 5,000 people, at most, joined me on a hot Thursday afternoon to watch the equally hot Braves sweep the Padres. Although I strongly believe the move to The Mallpark is going to be a... Continue Reading →


Jarry Park, Joe Robbie Stadium, the Ted

I can't find another big league ballpark with a shorter life than those three. I'm not counting Mile High Stadium or the LA Coliseum, which were always intended as temporary   homes for major league baseball. There have probably been others, but I'm not sure there's been a park that was a baseball-only stadium that... Continue Reading →

Today’s read

Nice story in the AJC about the great Walter Banks: Chatting recently with a family of five from Cincinnati, Banks suddenly noticed that the stadium clock read 7:14. He pondered this for maybe a millisecond before saying, “Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, which you probably knew. But did you know that Jack Webb’s badge... Continue Reading →

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