My farewell to The Ted

Yesterday marked my final visit Turner Field, as I’ll be in Brunswick covering a certain sensational trial beginning next week. About 5,000 people, at most, joined me on a hot Thursday afternoon to watch the equally hot Braves sweep the Padres. Although I strongly believe the move to The Mallpark is going to be a […]

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Bring it, Chipper!

Sorry, Chip, had to watch replay of the Buffalo-UGA tilt on TV and then catch up on all the high school games I DVR’d. Come on Atlanta! The Ted was a morgue tonite. We need you in full force. We feed off you guys. No excuse for the loss! Just sayin… — Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) […]

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Braves attendance tough to figure

The Braves drew the smallest crowd of any home team Sunday, and that’s saying something because the Rays were playing at the Trop. Also-rans Kansas City and Seattle attracted more fans than the streaking Braves, who won their 7th in a row before just 23,382. This comes after the local nine failed to sell out […]

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Off the field annoyances

The list is growing, thanks to the FSN Twitter chick. Perhaps she and Chip will be involved in an embarrassing, Bobby Petrino-esque incident that will get them both fired. Chip’s singsong narrative is driving me to drink (more). I won’t even bother to wish for an end to Mark Owens’ obnoxious between innings patter or […]

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So much for the warm fuzzies

Very disappointing night at the Ted. It should’ve been all about the greatest team in Atlanta sports history and the city’s most beloved announcer but tributes to both seemed little more than afterthoughts. Between innings it was the usual noise, with the overly enthusiastic Down’s Syndrome guy cheering on the saw and the other usual […]

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Another stupid promotion

If you’re going to the Atlanta Braves game on July 2, bring your glove and your hoop skirt. The Braves, the Atlanta History Center and the Margaret Mitchell House are teaming up for “Gone with the Wind Night” to celebrate the novel’s 75th anniversary. Fans who show their July 2 Braves ticket stub at the Atlanta […]

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There’s no politics in baseball

At least there shouldn’t be. But the geniuses within MLB’s promotions office don’t agree, setting aside June 14 to commemorate Ronald Reagan‘s 100th birthday at various ballparks around the league. The Braves will mark the occasion thusly: President Reagan’s favorite treat, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, will be given away to the first 10,000 fans to […]

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Today’s read

Nice story in the AJC about the great Walter Banks: Chatting recently with a family of five from Cincinnati, Banks suddenly noticed that the stadium clock read 7:14. He pondered this for maybe a millisecond before saying, “Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, which you probably knew. But did you know that Jack Webb’s badge […]

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No wave at The Ted?

It happened, or didn’t, Monday night. Baseball is so much more enjoyable when it’s not interrupted by mindless nonsense: “Look, Ma, I’m standing up, then sittin’ down, then standing up again. This is fun!” “How much longer ’til the Tool Race?”

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The megachurch of baseball

Could the Braves promotional crew be less inspired? As you may have heard it’s country and western night at The Ted, which is perplexing since they beat you over the head with that crap every other home game. Of course there’s few things more entertaining than seeing a photoshopped picture of Melky Cabrera in a […]

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Cocktails at Azar’s revisited

Today’s AJC has an article on the lack of nightlife around Turner Field — the subject of my first Rowland’s Office post almost five years ago. We celebrated the win with a bunch of other Braves fans on the deck of Azar’s, where the spirits are as lively as the conversation. All that revelry got […]

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Say hey, it’s Jay Hey

Those who were at The Ted today will tell their grandchildren they saw Jay Hey‘s first home run. I wasn’t at Game 6 of the ’95 World Series, but I haven’t heard a crowd this turned on since ’92. There were Cubs fans in attendance, but you wouldn’t know it. They were silenced after Jay […]

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