‘You can see the Chick-fil-A cow from atop the ferris wheel’

Developers are pitching their visions of how to transform the 55 acres of land north of Turner Field into a (drumroll) "mixed-use" sports and entertainment district. Innovative and original are not the first words that come to mind.


My adventures with Rankin Smith, and other tales of Atlanta’s other sports teams

(A mostly Falcons flashback, with a Hawks cameo) In Atlanta the 1980 Falcons were football's version of the '91 Braves. Not quite the same, because the NFL schedule can't compete with the daily drama of a pennant race. And then there's the recognition factor. Everyone knew the Lemmer and Smoltzie and TP. How many knew... Continue Reading →

The Economist on the Bravos

Interesting piece on settling in Atlanta by correspondent Jon Fasman, a Chicago native: We knew it once hosted the Olympics, has a vast airport, lots of corporate headquarters, Martin Luther King’s church, terrible traffic and a baseball team that manages to be perpetually successful yet largely devoid of style or flavour.

The new Cleveland

Mark Bradley reviews a sorry history: Since big-time professional sports arrived in 1966, teams sailing under the Atlanta flag have completed 148 seasons. (We won’t count baseball in 1994, when the World Series was canceled by a players’ strike, or the 2004-2005 NHL campaign, which was scrubbed due to a lockout.) Only one has yielded... Continue Reading →

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