Ted vs. Bucky

Got caught up in an SI Vault-hole where I came across this reminder of one of the more contentious relationships in Braves history. In 89 games in 1978, Horner batted .266 with 23 homers and 63 RBIs and was named the National League Rookie of the Year. The next season the Braves offered Horner a […]

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Ted and the Ostrich

Braves lore is full of great stories about Ted, few better than when he begrudgingly participated in an ostrich race before a game. He didn’t think it was beneath him, according to then-Braves marketing and promotions director Bob Hope, but felt the fans expected to see him actually ride the ostrich, not be pulled in […]

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Loria vs. Ted

Terrific column by Joe Posnanski contrasting Ted’s stint in the dugout with Jeffrey Loria hiring a GM who never played, coached or managed a professional baseball game. There are so many fun parts to this, one being that the Braves were so far gone at that point that the players seemed perfectly in tune with […]

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Remembrance of offseasons past

Ted Turner had a dilemma. The new owner of the Braves had crafted a man of the people image that made him more popular than the team he owned. But he was also a yachtsman who was afraid his participation in the America’s Cup, scheduled smack dab in the middle of baseball season, might alter […]

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Chuck Tanner and the Braves

Good stuff from The Hardball Times’ Chris Jaffe concerning Chuck Tanner and the Bravos. 1. He hit a homer in his first plate appearance. First pitch, actually. Yeah, that’s a nice way to start a career. On April 12, 1955, Braves manager Charlie Grimm called on Tanner to pinch-hit for Warren Spahn in the bottom […]

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Cheaper than Dan Uggla

Thirty-five years ago to the day, Ted Turner bought the Braves for $10 million. I can just see opening day,” exulted Ted Turner as he strode onto the field at Atlanta Stadium. “We’re going to have a TV camera panning the entire stadium. The crowd is going to be singing Take Me Out to the […]

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I’m an idiot, baby, heeeey!

The other day CD overheard sports talk dinosaur Beau Bock wonder on air how anyone could find fault with the greatest sports owner this town has ever had: Arthur Blank. What about Ted Turner? “He hired Bobby Cox.” End of argument, at least in Beau’s feeble mind. The logical response would’ve been: “Yes, and he […]

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Saturday in the park

First off, kudos to the organist for playing “With a Little Help From My Friends” when M. Ramirez came to the plate. You know, I get high with a little help from my friends. Hah. Roidmirez. It was a fine afternoon all around. Had my first game experience in the 755 Club. We dined overlooking […]

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Channel 17

Thirty three years ago today, reserve clause killer Andy Messersmith inked a three-year, $1.75 million deal with the Bravos. “I signed a piece of paper,” said Ted. “He will be in uniform tonight.” Messersmith was assigned number 17. Ted, sensing a promotional opportunity, decided his players should have nicknames stitched above their uniform numbers. (Yes, […]

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Ted the Skipper

Remembering the night Ted managed the Braves: “I’m getting tired of people saying ‘Why are the Braves losing?’” Turner said. “I’m getting tired of answering, ‘Injuries.’ I want to see for myself what is wrong. I’ve been in the front office for about a year and a half, and I’ve learned how much you charge […]

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