Analytics and politics

Pete Rose never hit 20 homers and only stole 20 bases once. His lifetime average was .303 w/ a lifetime .784 OPS. Not a HOF'er anyway. — Ben (@Ben_Duronio) December 16, 2015 Anyone else notice how our political divide mirrors the split between baseball’s old school and the analytics crowd? Ideological purity matters above all, […]

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Tweet du jour

You laugh at Vin Scully? MT @MrBrianKenny When I hear a PXP give the W-L record I do laugh. Why bother with such ridiculous information? — CJ Nitkowski (@CJNitkowski) September 13, 2013

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Spring stats not totally irrelevant

And irrelevant RT @jaysonst: Awesome spring RT@ajcbraves: #Braves pitcher Teheran continues torrid spring with 6 hitless IP (10 K’s) vs Hou — Consigliari51 (@consigliari51) March 23, 2013 Would you rather him give up four homers in an outing, like Teheran did last spring against Detroit? Nothing wrong with a young pitcher gaining confidence, is there?

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Tonight’s reading assignment

Terrific column by’s Howard Bryant — so good he almost makes up for Rick Reilly — on this year’s Hall of Fame balloting. Much to recommend here, particularly this excerpt: [B]ecause of the steroid era, the baseball writers are going to guess who deserves enshrinement based on who had big muscles or who had […]

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The insufferability of stat geeks

The condescension doesn’t help, nor does the fact many (not all) take themselves so very seriously. Witness this sampling of Keith Law tweets culled from the past 24 hours: The Triple Crown doesn’t make a hitter the MVP any more than a perfect game makes a pitcher the Cy Young winner. — keithlaw (@keithlaw) September […]

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Former Brave is ‘worst player in baseball,’ but not as bad as Jerry Royster in ’77

According to Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference’s WAR (Wins Above Replacement) calculation, Jeff Francoeur is the the worst player in the game, though he’s not the worst ever. Jerry Royster‘s 1977 with Atlanta, a -3.7 FanGraphs and -4.1 B-R debacle. The utilityman hit .216/.278/.288 and, the metrics say, played brutal defense. Baseball Reference ranks Frenchy’s WAR at […]

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From Keith Law’s weekly ESPN chat: Cody (Atlanta, GA) Do you still see Jason Heyward as a future All-Star? How impressed have you been with Simmons? Klaw (1:15 PM) Yes, I do. Not at all.

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So much for being magnaminous

The most annoying thing about the stat geeks is their arrogance, their firm belief that they’re right and everyone else is a hapless Neanderthal. Exhibit Infinity  If you think Venters is pretty much the same pitcher he was last year, minus luck, then be my guest. If you want to postulate that Derek Lowe was […]

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A question for stat enthusiasts

And I mean this sincerely — why the reliance on BABIP? How is it so much better than ERA? Some pitchers, like Greg Maddux, pitched to contact with great effectiveness. All balls batted in play are not equal. BABIP assumes that everything is a line drive and it’s partly luck as to where they land. […]

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