Analytics and politics

Pete Rose never hit 20 homers and only stole 20 bases once. His lifetime average was .303 w/ a lifetime .784 OPS. Not a HOF'er anyway.— Ben (@Ben_Duronio) December 16, 2015 Anyone else notice how our political divide mirrors the split between baseball's old school and the analytics crowd? Ideological purity matters above all, with... Continue Reading →


Stat geeks can be just as stubborn as Stewart

Diamondbacks GM Dave Stewart was justly ridiculed this week when he expressed hope free agent James Shields would take less money to play in Arizona for "a true baseball team vs. some of the other teams out here that are geared more toward analytics and those type of things." But old schoolers like Stewart aren't... Continue Reading →

Spring stats not totally irrelevant

And irrelevant RT @jaysonst: Awesome spring RT@ajcbraves: #Braves pitcher Teheran continues torrid spring with 6 hitless IP (10 K's) vs Hou— Consigliari51 (@consigliari51) March 23, 2013 Would you rather him give up four homers in an outing, like Teheran did last spring against Detroit? Nothing wrong with a young pitcher gaining confidence, is there?

Former Brave is ‘worst player in baseball,’ but not as bad as Jerry Royster in ’77

According to Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference's WAR (Wins Above Replacement) calculation, Jeff Francoeur is the the worst player in the game, though he's not the worst ever. Jerry Royster's 1977 with Atlanta, a -3.7 FanGraphs and -4.1 B-R debacle. The utilityman hit .216/.278/.288 and, the metrics say, played brutal defense. Baseball Reference ranks Frenchy's WAR at... Continue Reading →

Bill James determined to become a pariah

The godfather of sabermetrics appears to be the last person not named Paterno defending the late Penn State coach (excerpted from an interview with ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb): James: [Paterno] knew less about [Sandusky] than everyone else there … [the thought that] everything revolves around [Paterno at Penn State] is total nonsense. He had very few... Continue Reading →

Whitlock: Stat geeks ‘ruining sports’

Amen Brother Whitlock, one of the better sports columnists out there. There’s a stat for nearly every action in baseball. Little is left to the imagination. Sports were never intended to be a computer program, stripped to cold, hard, indisputable, statistical facts. Sports — particularly for fans — are not science. Sports, like art, are... Continue Reading →

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