Distractions courtesy of #Braves gone by

Thirty-one years ago today the greatest brawl in the history of baseball went down at Fulco. Thirty years ago today Bobby Cox made the greatest trade in Braves history. Here's the inside story.  


A HOF debut, 27 years ago tonight

The Braves entered play on July 23, 1988 30 games under .500, facing crafty southpaw Bob Ojeda and the first-place Mets. If that wasn't daunting enough, John Smoltz made his MLB debut backed by a historically abysmal defense. Ron Gant and Andres Thomas were probably the worst double play combo ever, and Jerry Royster had no... Continue Reading →

Maddux slighted again, and was Smoltzie better than Glavine?

I'm thrilled that the last pitcher chosen in ESPN's ranking of the 100 greatest players in MLB history is the perpetually underrated Knucksie, #100 overall. Not so much with the highest-ranked pitcher: Roger Clemens. ESPN cautions its list is a "judgment-free zone where Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and even Pete Rose are welcome." (Rose debased the game but earned every one of his... Continue Reading →

No. 29

Stat geeks roll their eyes at the concept of a clutch performer, which tells me they must have never watched John Smoltz -- whose number will be retired June 8 -- pitch in October. In 209 postseason innings, Smoltzie had a better ERA, WHIP, winning percentage and K/9 IP ratio. That's not a coincidence. It's clutch,... Continue Reading →

Smoltzie back at The Ted?

Next weekend the Fish come to Atlanta for a huge series. Don't be surprised if they bring a familiar reinforcement. Smoltz, pitching AGAINST the Braves, in a pivotal late-season series? I don't think the Marlins can resist. St. Louis is also interested, but Florida needs him more. --CB

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