John Smoltz owns August 19

Nine years ago on this date, Smoltzie recorded his 142nd save as a Brave, breaking Gene Garber’s franchise record. Three … More

No. 29

Stat geeks roll their eyes at the concept of a clutch performer, which tells me they must have never watched … More

The baseball Madden

I missed Bobby this year. I also missed Smoltzie in the broadcast booth. I’m not one for hyperbole but I … More

Worst-case scenario

Kris Medlen would most likely be called upon as fifth starter if, God forbid, JJ’s sore right arm proves serious. … More

Smoltzie to the Mets?

Ken Rosenthal says Minaya is targeting Smoltz after losing out on Ben Sheets. Smoltzie, and the Mets, must be desperate. … More

Smoltzie back at The Ted?

Next weekend the Fish come to Atlanta for a huge series. Don’t be surprised if they bring a familiar reinforcement. … More

Smoltzie DFA’d

I guess Frank Wren was right. Still, hate to see Smoltzie go out like this.

Smoltz on Glavine release

I’m thrilled with the McLouth deal and excited about Hanson’s debut. Still, I pretty much agree with Smoltzie‘s take on … More