Prado returns to NL East

Martin’s now a Marlin, acquired along with David Phelps from the Yankees for Nate Eovaldi and Garrett Jones. I still … More

KMed just said on 680 about how trade was bittersweet because they lost Prado “Everybody has a man crush on … More

The captain

I don’t think there’s any doubt Martin Prado cares. He always plays hard, never complains and, when healthy, is consistently … More

Dan Duquette must be drunk

From MLB Trade Rumors: The Braves and Orioles discussed a possible Adam Jones trade recently, but talks didn’t progress far, … More

Trade proposal du jour

I’m against trading Martin Prado for the hell of it but not against listening. Same with JJ. This proposed swap … More

Don’t trade Martin

On second thought, the Braves should hold onto Martin, unless someone is willing to overpay. Consider: More teams than not … More

Florida Evans alert

The offense just got a little more flaccid — Martin’s on the DL with a staph infection.